True Wealth. Will it be right for you?

We can do a lot for you and your assets. But we're not for everyone. Find out if True Wealth is the right fit for you.

True Wealth is right for you

You want wealth management – anytime, anywhere. At True Wealth, each customer is given maximum investment quality. You may test our performance with only part of your capital. Irrespective of the investment amount, you will always get the kind of portfolio that private banks would only offer for wealth management mandates in excess of half a million. What's more, we provide a much simpler solution at an unbeatable price.

You want real-time reporting. At True Wealth, you can keep an eye on your portfolio anytime. Just log in, and everything will be displayed, transparently and in detail. And if you wish, you can adjust your strategy there and then, quickly and without hassle.

You value independence. At True Wealth, there is no nepotism, no one takes a hidden cut. This means: no kickbacks, retrocession fees, or whatever else those stealthy fees might be called. We are completely independent and select investment products and instruments as if we were investing our own assets. This is how we achieve the maximum for your benefit.

You are looking for diversification. Your assets will be invested in a diversified range of asset classes. So although there will be price fluctu­ations in each individual category, the movements will ideally balance each other out. In an environ­ment of persistently low interest rates, a well diversified securities account is better suited to preserving your purchasing power than a pure-play bank deposit.

You insist on security. Your assets will be invested in different securities, such as ETFs. Each of them is a legally separate fund. This means that even the bankruptcy of an individual provider can only affect a part of your assets. Your assets are deposited with an independent custodian in Switzerland – not ourselves. Although we can buy and sell securities in your name, you can terminate your asset management agreement with us at any time and access your assets directly.

True Wealth is not right for you

You want a guaranteed positive return at a specific date. If that's what you want, this date should be far ahead in the future. At True Wealth, you have access to your assets at all times, because we select the ETFs with liquidity in mind. But for an investment horizon of five to ten years, you will have to be able to take losses on equities, commodities, real estate, corporate bonds, and similar risky investments. However, historically an investment in the MSCI World Index has delivered a positive return after twelve years at the latest.

You want to invest your last dime and make a huge profit. Sorry, we can't do magic. The probability of generating a short-term profit with equities is just over 50 percent before costs. In other words, in the short term, a loss is in fact just as likely. But the longer the investment period, the better the risk/reward ratio. So our advice is to give your investment a few years, preferably a decade or more. What we offer is an efficient and flexible way to let the market work for you year after year.

You want a financial advisor to come and see you at home. We are an online investment platform, which combines several decades of investment experience for your benefit. And when you contact us by phone or electronically, we will give you expert advice. But we are not a conventional private bank and will not send you expensive Christmas presents.

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