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True Wealth: BLKB now another custodian bank

True Wealth now also offers its clients Basellandschaftliche Kantonalbank (BLKB) as a custodian bank: BLKB is one of the safest retail banks in Europe (S&P AA) and, as a cantonal bank, has a state guarantee.

Zurich, April 16, 2019

Fintech company True Wealth is expanding its product range and now also offers its online asset management service with BLKB as its custodian bank. Customers can choose which custodian bank they would like their account to be held with.

The new selection also remains affordable. Customers pay an attractive fee of just 0.5 percent of their assets for the management of their assets, including brokerage fees, custody account fees and tax statements.

True Wealth has highly automated the processes and data exchange with BLKB. This enables True Wealth to process deposits and withdrawals practically in real time. And import securities and currency transactions directly into BLKB's core banking system.

True Wealth invests in ETFs for its customers. With BLKB as custodian bank, two investment universes are also available for this purpose: the broadly diversified "Global Universe" and the "Sustainable Universe", which is compiled according to sustainability criteria. In addition to blue chips, investors can now also add ETFs on small-capitalization stocks.

True Wealth was founded in 2013 with the aim of offering user-friendly and transparent online wealth management. True Wealth also offers this service to B2B partners as "Software as a Service" and serves end clients directly on True Wealth currently manages around CHF 180 million in client assets from over 2,600 clients on its own platform. Its B2B partners include banks in Switzerland and abroad that use the technology for their own clients.


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