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Investing has never been this simple.

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Your advantages with True Wealth

Low costs and fees

Management Fee:

0.25 to 0.5%

Custody Fee


Deposits / Withdrawals
Transaction Costs
Tax Statement


Individual Strategy

Define a strategy that is tailored to your individual situation, but still adjustable at any time.

Choose our sustainable investment universe at no extra cost.

No lock-in, no minimum term, close your account at any time. Your wealth is at your disposal.

Secure and Automated

With True Wealth you have a fully automated investment solution that works out of the box.

With intuitive web and mobile application, as well as clear and transparent reporting, investing is as easy as never before.

Our method

Why you are winning with True Wealth

You set the direction and keep full control over your investment strategy. Let us do the work: Always diversified, highly automated and thus much more efficient than investing has ever been.

  • Automatic monitoring and rebalancing
    We monitor your portfolio and adjust it when needed.
  • Risk management based on science
    Our risk management and portfolio construction are based on scientific principles.
  • High liquidity
    So that your wealth is always at your disposal.
  • Investment strategy that fits your situation
    Find a strategy that is tailored to your individual situation, but adjustable at any time.
  • Simple and clear reporting
    Easy to read and understand at first glance.

Do you have any questions? Check out our FAQ!

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«Well informed investors often realize that they obtain higher returns and better enjoy investing when they do it themselves instead of as previously leaving it to a bank»

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