What is included in the True Wealth management fee?

The annual management fee includes: Trading commissions, rebalancing, changes to the investment mix, risk tolerance calculations, deposits and withdrawals (except for complex capital payouts in Pillar 3a), liquidations, custody account fees, the Swiss e-tax statement and the statutory VAT. The management fee is 0.50% for assets up to CHF 500'000 and 0.25-0.50% for assets above this amount (depending on the investment amount, see fees). There are no retrocessions, no postage costs, no performance fee and no service fees.
External product costs (TER) and federal stamp duty are not included. Advantageous conditions apply for necessary foreign exchange transactions: Markups of only 10 basis points or 10 pips (Percentage in Point) on the interbank rate, i.e. only approx. 0.10% in relation to the foreign currency transaction volume. The account-holding banks reserve the right to make changes in fees.

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