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Our fees at a glance

Wealth Management

Manage your untied assets with ETF and confidence. Fully customized strategy.


CHF 8'500

FX Markup

About 0.1%

External Product Costs (TER)

About 0.13%


Pillar 3a and child portfolios just a click away. Choose between two custodian banks.

Pillar 3a

Enjoy the long-term benefits of ETFs and tax-privileged index funds.


CHF 1'000



FX Markup

0.0 - 0.1%

External Product Costs (TER)

About 0.13%

Interest rate on cash


Child Portfolio

An ETF portfolio in the child's name, low fees, an investment in the future.


CHF 1'000

FX Markup

About 0.1%

External Product Costs (TER)

About 0.13%

Account holder

Account belongs to the child, anyone can deposit.

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True Wealth is secure, easy to use, and has the lowest total fees of any robo advisor in Switzerland.

True Wealth fees

per year
Untied assets
Pillar 3a
Child portfolio
True Wealth fees0.25%
Ø product costs (ØTER)0.15%
Total0.40% per year
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0.15 percent per year.

That makes True Wealth seven times cheaper than the average retirement fund. Logo
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True Wealth fees in detail

High fees are detrimental to your returns. In today's low interest world more than ever. This is why we keep costs as low as possible. We select the most cost efficient investments.

You pay

True Wealth fee
0.25% – 0.50% per year

Annual fee for the untied assets that we charge for our services on the amount invested. True Wealth does not charge any fee for 3a assets.

Product costs (TER)
On average 0.13%* per year

We constantly strive to reduce external product costs. Total Expense Ratio (TER) includes all costs that are charged by fund issuers and providers.

More about TER

* Maximum product costs for the global portfolio. For the sustainable portfolio, average TER is 0.21%.

Swiss stamp duty may apply.

Why you save money with True Wealth


Optimised forex (FX) handling

We strive to avoid unnecessary FX exposure when selecting ETFs and our algorithms are optimized to keep the required FX volume as low as possible. True Wealth does not charge a premium for necessary FX transactions. Custodian banks offer competitive rates: Markups as low as 10 basis points or 10 pips (percentage points) over the interbank rate, or as low as approx. 0.10% of the FX transaction volume.


Low spreads

All trading orders are managed by True Wealth specialists to assure the lowest possible spreads (difference between bid and ask prices). Over time this contributes additional returns to the overall performance.

Pooling and netting

Pooling and netting of 3a assets

True Wealth prevents numerous trading transactions on the stock exchange by pooling and netting. This leads to cost savings that we can pass on in full to our clients.

Fees for investments of untied assets above CHF 500'000

below CHF 500’0000.50%
from CHF 500’0000.49%
from CHF 530’0000.48%
from CHF 560’0000.47%
from CHF 600’0000.46%
from CHF 650’0000.45%
from CHF 700’0000.44%
from CHF 750’0000.43%
from CHF 810’0000.42%
from CHF 880’0000.41%
from CHF 960’0000.40%
from CHF 1’000’0000.39%
from CHF 1’100’0000.38%
from CHF 1’200’0000.37%
from CHF 1’400’0000.36%
from CHF 1’500’0000.35%
from CHF 1’700’0000.34%
from CHF 2’000’0000.33%
from CHF 2’200’0000.32%
from CHF 2’600’0000.31%
from CHF 3’000’0000.30%
from CHF 3’500’0000.29%
from CHF 4’200’0000.28%
from CHF 5’100’0000.27%
from CHF 6’300’0000.26%
from CHF 8’000’0000.25%

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