How do you invest your money?

  Traditional wealth management Online trading Savings account True Wealth
Minimum investment CHF 50'000 to 500'000 CHF 0 to 2'000 - CHF 8'500
Costs 0.75-1.5% base cost + third-party fees and hidden costs At least 0.1% per trade + custody fees - 0.25 to 0.50%
Convenience Very time consuming Requires time and knowledge Easy to set up Easy to set up and very user-friendly
Withdrawals Once a week to once every three months depending on your contract Trading required prior to withdrawal Monthly limits + 3-6 month notice periods Anytime within 3-7 days – No limit
Potential global returns High participation, but high fees reduce your returns Reduced long-term potential No High participation

Radically lower costs. Year after year.

We believe that costs must not stand in the way of decent returns. This is why we only select investment instruments with the lowest costs and strive to have our processes fully automated. Thus we can often push total costs way below one percent. A tiny difference at first glance. But if you add interest and compound interest, the long-term benefit is substantial.

Don't try to beat the market

Invest passively. Few investors outperform the market. For every investor who does, there is another who loses out. Even for professionals it's a zero-sum game in the long run.

Be part of it. The economy will grow in the long term. Not by the same amount each year, and not everywhere to the same extent. Only those who invest can benefit from this growth, even better so without stock picking or market timing. Those who don't invest though will only experience one effect: inflation eroding their wealth.

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Let markets do the work for you

Sit back and relax. There are many investment instruments today that passively replicate an index. They offer a cost-efficient way to participate in the market and we've selected the best of these instruments for you.

Automated portfolio management. Together with you, we tailor your investment strategy to your personal needs and recommend a portfolio that perfectly matches your personal return targets and risk tolerance ‐ and that you can adjust according to your personal preferences.

All done online ‐ in less than 10 minutes.

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Our independence for your assets

We are independent in our investment decisions and act exclusively in your interest. We select brokers, banks and investment products based on one aspect only: what is best for your assets? This means:

  • No kickbacks.
  • No in-house investment products.
  • Transaction costs included
  • No product distributorships

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A selection of two custodian banks

Your assets with the custodian bank will always remain invested in your own name. You can chose from an international banking group and a bank with a government guarantee:

  • Basellandschaftliche Kantonalbank (BLKB) has a government guarantee from the canton of Baselland.
  • Saxo Bank (Switzerland) Ltd, with Swiss banking license and deposit protection up to CHF 100,000.

Security of the highest order

  • 128-bit encryption: an online platform that is more secure than bank secrecy.
  • Swiss client confidentiality: discretion is the law.
  • Access your money at all times and deposit and withdraw funds whenever you want.
  • Independent custodian: we invest your money, but you can access it at any time.

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