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ETF child portfolio

Child portfolio with ETF: A head start for life

Felix Niederer

Wealth grows best with a long investment horizon. That's why True Wealth offers a true ETF portfolio for kids and teens that doesn't give away returns.

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Podcast on the topic of ETF with Felix Niederer

#2 What is an ETF? And what to look for when choosing one?

Felix Niederer

Have you heard of ETF before but not sure what ETF is exactly? Don't worry, we're here to provide you with all the answers. In this podcast episode, Felix Niederer, founder and CEO of True Wealth, explains everything you need to know about exchange-traded funds.

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Sunk Cost Fallacy

The «Sunk Cost Fallacy» is itself a fallacy

Oliver Herren

Investing time, money or resources even though it hasn't made sense for a long time. But you don't want to waste the previous investment - so you keep going.

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Oliver Herren, co-founder and Chief Innovation Officer at Digitec Galaxus

Talk - Why did you start True Wealth?

Felix Niederer
Guest: Oliver Herren, co-founder of True Wealth and Digitec Galaxus

From an unexpected fortune to a digital wealth manager. In today's Coffee Talk, Felix Niederer talks to Oliver Herren about the beginnings of True Wealth.

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Felix Niederer - The benefit of asset management

#1 What is the benefit of wealth management?

Felix Niederer

At a time when saving and investing are becoming increasingly important, many of us are wondering: why wealth management at all? In this video podcast, we take a look at the benefits of wealth management with Felix Niederer, co-founder and CEO of True Wealth, comparing the traditional method with the online alternative.

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«Low fees and more: These are what make ETFs a valuable building block»

5 Reasons why we build portfolios from ETFs

Felix Niederer

Why have we been consistently using ETFs at True Wealth for 10 years? Discover the top 5 reasons to use ETFs in your portfolio here.

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A photo of a CNC machine cutting a metal plate with a laser.

Several accounts, one strategy: With a clear focus to investment success.

Felix Niederer

The optimal portfolio needs investments in multiple asset classes. But only one investment strategy. Read here why a holistic strategy is better.

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