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Product Recap 2020

As 2020 nears an end we thought it would be interesting to share an overview of what True Wealth has been up to throughout this year, enriched with some additional information. This recap goes through most of the public-facing things which the engineering team worked on throughout 2020.

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Degressive Pricing

True Wealth reduces its fees

True Wealth has crossed the threshold of 5'000 clients and CHF 290 million assets under management. The company is now passing on these economies of scale to its clients and is cutting its fees for higher investment amounts. At the same time, the fintech has fully digitized the account opening process, making it possible to open an account completely online in less than 10 minutes.

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Negative Interest

Negative interest rates: These are your two options

Negative interest rates, coupled with high fees and inflation, mean savings are continually shrinking. Read more to learn about an efficient and effective way of escaping this downward spiral.

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«It pays to compare apples and oranges»

Wealth management: even cheaper than trading yourself

Are your custody account fees and transaction costs too high? Then don't look for a different broker. It’s cheaper to have your assets managed.

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«The lowest fees in Switzerland»

The lowest fees in Switzerland

Low fees mean higher returns for clients. That’s why says True Wealth is a good choice.

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«Pay yourself first. It’s the only way to build your wealth.»

Three times 10%: How to save for a better future

Wealth makes dreams come true. Or simply makes you feel good. But how do you build up capital if you don’t yet have any?

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«The investment advisor of the future»

Robo-advisors: The investment advisors of the future?

Nowadays, algorithms can do a lot of things that used to need flesh and blood investment advisers. Are people becoming redundant in the field of investment advice?


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