What is True Wealth's investment approach?

We pursue a scientifically based, passive (i.e. index-oriented) investment approach and implement this consistently for our clients. It is our conviction that we do not use expensive investment products that claim to beat the market. Numerous scientific studies have come to the conclusion that low-cost and liquid investment funds achieve better returns on average and after costs than expensive ones.

This is why we primarily rely on ETFs, i.e. exchange-traded investment funds that track a market index. However, there are over ten thousand ETFs on the market and not all of them are suitable. We select the best ETFs for you. In addition to product costs, we also take into account market liquidity and the counterparty risk resulting from the structure of the ETF. Finally, we analyze how well the ETF effectively tracks the market index (so-called tracking error).

For reasons of tax optimization, index funds are also used for securities portfolios in Pillar 3a.

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