Open up an account is this simple

Do you have half an hour of time for your assets? You won't need more, it's that quick to open up your investment solution with us.

1. Open your account

15 min

Just enter your account data online. We'll send you the finalized documents for you to sign.

2. Transfer funds

5 min

After you receive your new IBAN, you can start transferring funds from your bank account.

3. Investment mix

5 min

Choose your risk profile and investment strategy. We automatically build your portfolio for you. Your positions are implemented within few days after receipt of funds.

4. Relax

5 min

Make changes anytime you want or simply lean back, relax and watch your portfolio develop. And it's up to you whether want to invest more or less.

And you close your account that quickly.

If you decide to invest your assets elsewhere, we won't put any obstacles in your way. It's that easy to close your account:

  1. Go to «Deposits/Withdrawals»
  2. Choose «Liquidate & close account».
  3. Your liquidation order will be executed within the next trading days.
  4. You'll receive your money in your original bank account within a few days.

You can test us without real money

Have you already seen our sample portfolio ? The next step would be your personal virtual test account. This is easily opened ‐ and thus you can kick the tires and test all functionality without putting any real money at risk.

Test us.

Any questions? Give us a call!

You have questions or want to give us some feedback? No problem. You can reach us Monday to Friday from 9am to 6pm under +41 44 508 70 17 or via E-Mail at