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Our values

We are obsessed with stirring up and leading the market with the best solution for digital wealth management. We love efficient processes. We leave long decision-making processes and crippling bureaucracy to others.

We are a team of accomplished professionals where everyone makes a significant contribution to the company's success. However, the challenges we face are sometimes so demanding and complex that the best solutions only emerge from the constructive interaction of different players.

We remain unconventional, daring to do things that no bank or asset manager has ever thought of.


I put the interests of our clients and our company before my own personal gain. I remain incorruptible and avoid conflicts of interest as far as possible; if such arise, I communicate them proactively.

I communicate mistakes proactively. I stand by my mistakes (it is allowed to make mistakes).

I am truthful to myself and others in my work; I present my arguments in an intellectually honest manner.

Cooperative, meritocratic spirit

I offer my support at all times and pitch in where my help is needed.

I proactively share my knowledge with those around me; when preparing documentation, I ensure that it is accurate and understandable.

I explain my recommendations and decisions with logical and fact-based arguments.

I give my direct, honest and yet appreciative feedback to others; if something went badly, I remain constructive and give feedback that is as concrete and actionable as possible, which helps the person addressed to improve.

I strive for sound, critical feedback and reflect on myself. I do not take myself too seriously and approach difficult situations with a certain lightness.

I acknowledge the contribution of others.

I give the nod to the best idea, the most valid argument, whatever its origin.

I allow different points of view.

I am always respectful and courteous in my dealings with others.

Ambitious and self-reliant

I make courageous decisions, even if it means exposing myself.

I weigh up the opportunities and risks of my actions and involve the right people in the decision-making process.

I find simple, uncomplicated solutions that require as little effort as possible.

I pursue projects independently and in a disciplined manner and keep to agreements.

I achieve results that bring measurable benefits for our clients, the team and our company. I pay attention to the high quality of my work so that others can profitably build on it.

I am open to new ideas and perspectives and strive to constantly improve myself and my environment and redefine the limits of what is possible.

I pursue ideas and goals with verve and enthusiasm even in the face of difficulties and move projects forward with an ability to inspire.

I celebrate successes with my team.