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BLKB launches Digifolio and expands digital offering for investors

Basellandschaftliche Kantonalbank (BLKB) is expanding its digital offering for investors and, together with True Wealth AG, is launching the online asset management service Digifolio today. Digifolio can be opened directly in e-banking in 3 steps. BLKB is thus continuing to implement its vision of inspiring its customers with simple and comprehensible solutions.

Liestal / Zurich, July 27, 2017

BLKB Digifolio

BLKB is expanding its investment offering with Digifolio and entering the field of digital asset management. The basis for this is the partnership entered into in August 2016 with True Wealth AG, which provides the technology behind Digifolio. The fintech company has developed software that enables online asset management and simplifies investment using ETFs. Customers receive an optimal investment package tailored to their risk appetite and financial circumstances. Once this proposal has been created, customers have the option of adapting the content to suit their requirements.

With Digifolio, BLKB prefers to use mandate modules that take sustainability criteria (environmental, social and corporate governance) into account. John Häfelfinger, CEO of BLKB, says: "We want to consistently implement our sustainable investment philosophy and have therefore supplemented the investment universe with sustainable ETFs. The selection is made by BLKB."

Manage assets professionally from as little as CHF 5,000

Passive investment approaches have become much more important in recent years and are increasingly in demand. Digifolio is aimed at digital-savvy customers with a medium to long-term investment horizon who want to diversify their portfolio online, independently and at attractive conditions. The minimum investment amount is CHF 5,000. The mandate fee is 0.75 percent per year.

Cooperation between BLKB and True Wealth

BLKB and True Wealth AG entered into a strategic partnership a year ago. Felix Niederer, CEO of True Wealth, says: "Even when True Wealth was founded, the motto was to use state-of-the-art technologies in the interests of the customer. The partnership with BLKB builds on this principle. As far as we know, this is the first time that a digital wealth management solution has been fully integrated into a bank's e-banking system and can be opened in three steps."

"Because the world is changing"

A few weeks ago, BLKB used its social networks to look for digitally savvy customers who would like to become the face of Digifolio's advertising campaign. Under the motto "Because the world is changing", they were transported back to the 1980s and styled and staged in this unmistakable look. BLKB also relied on its community during the pilot phase: more than 50 test customers tested the online asset management system in the run-up to the launch and provided feedback.

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