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Hefty fees are the enemy of your return. In today's low interest world more than ever. This is why we keep costs as low as possible. We select the most cost efficient investments. And our management fee from 0.25 to 0.50% (incl. VAT) includes it all: Custody fees, transaction costs, deposits and withdrawals, Swiss tax statement.

Management fee

True Wealth charges an asset management fee of 0.50% (incl. VAT) a year of your assets managed by True Wealth. The calculation is based on the average daily assets at the end of the day.

From a total investment of CHF 500'000 the following fee schedule applies:

Portfolio value in CHFManagement fee p.a.
< CHF 500'0000.50%
>= CHF 500'0000.49%
>= CHF 530'0000.48%
>= CHF 560'0000.47%
>= CHF 600'0000.46%
>= CHF 650'0000.45%
>= CHF 700'0000.44%
>= CHF 750'0000.43%
>= CHF 810'0000.42%
>= CHF 880'0000.41%
>= CHF 960'0000.40%
>= CHF 1'000'0000.39%
>= CHF 1'100'0000.38%
Portfolio value in CHFManagement fee p.a.
>= CHF 1'200'0000.37%
>= CHF 1'400'0000.36%
>= CHF 1'500'0000.35%
>= CHF 1'700'0000.34%
>= CHF 2'000'0000.33%
>= CHF 2'200'0000.32%
>= CHF 2'600'0000.31%
>= CHF 3'000'0000.30%
>= CHF 3'500'0000.29%
>= CHF 4'200'0000.28%
>= CHF 5'100'0000.27%
>= CHF 6'300'0000.26%
>= CHF 8'000'0000.25%

Transaction fees included

Our management fee includes transactions costs (creation, adaptation to target weightings, portfolio reduction); i.e. trading commissions charged to you by our custodian bank will be deducted from our management fee in the next fee statement. There is no right to having the commission reimbursed.

Transaction taxes and bid-ask spread

The Swiss Stamp tax (stamp duty) is due on most purchases or sales of ETF, funds, or stocks. Depending on the security, it may be 0.15% or 0.075% of the transaction amount or be omitted. Other sovereign dues such as exchange duties may occur.

Any purchase or sale of exchange traded securities and currency exchanges entails transactional costs due to the bid-ask spread of the traded security.

FX-Markups (Foreign currency exchange costs)

Depending on the asset classes, we use ETFs which are traded in CHF, USD, EUR and GBP. Our rebalancing algorithms are optimized to keep the necessary foreign currency exchange volume as low as possible. In addition, very attractive foreign currency conditions apply: markups of only 10 basis points or 10 pips (percentage in point), that is approximately 0.10% on the foreign currency transaction volume.

Other fees

There is no custody fee, no retrocession fee, no postage charge, no service fee. No fees are charged for deposits and transfers to your external bank account either. Pricing is subject to fee changes at the custodian bank.


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