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The Child Portfolio
An investment in the future

Return on investment for children and teens – better than with a savings account or piggy bank

Investing with ETFs – now also for children

Child portfolio: The most important facts in brief

  • Everyone can deposit
    Uncle, aunt, godfather, godmother, grandparents and family friends
  • The lowest fees
    Wealth management at the lowest price: 0.50% to 0.25%
  • Save together
    Volume discount in the adult-child combination: those who invest more, pay less
  • Invest from CHF 1'000
    Start small. Grow for a long time. This is how wealth is formed
  • Custodian bank with state guarantee
    At Basellandschaftliche Kantonalbank (BLKB)
  • You have the final say
    Individual investment strategy for the child, determined by the legal representative

Opening of an account only by the legal representative. The child's assets are protected. The saved assets can be paid out in full if the target account is in the child's name.

The leading Swiss Robo-Advisor

  • More than 20'000 invested clients
  • Over CHF 1 billion assets under management
  • Award-winning digital user experience
  • Excellent customer service
  • No lock-in, no minimum duration

The future begins today

Give your child a head start for life

Open a child portfolio now

Grown-up investing

Just as simple, transparent and cost-efficient: Our children's portfolio with ETFs offers everything that adults also appreciate. These are our investment principles:

  • Always tailor-made
    Whether young or old: with us, all customers receive an investment portfolio with an individual strategy.
  • Scientifically sound
    We pursue a passive investment approach and do not try to beat the market out of conviction.
  • Long-term advantage
    Financial markets are volatile in the short term – but have historically trended upward over the long term.
  • ETF as building blocks
    Returns are achieved by keeping costs low. That's why we rely only on ETFs – and build portfolios with average product costs (TER) of just 0.13 percent.
  • Broad diversification
    Typically, our clients' portfolios contain the following asset classes: Equities, Bonds, Real Estate, Commodities and Cash.
Free of charge

In the name of the child

At 18, the children's portfolio becomes a normal portfolio. Without securities sales, without transfers. Here is the overview of the deposit account.

The portfolio belongs to the child
Everyone can rely on that. Parents, grandparents, friends, relatives – and of course not least the child itself.

From the child, for the child
Assets are tied to the child, but not to True Wealth. Transfers to other accounts in the child's name are possible at any time.

Seamless transition
At 18, the children's portfolio becomes a normal portfolio for adults. Without sale of securities, without transfers, without further effort or costs.

Opening an account as godfather, grandparent or friend of the child?

Want to invest for your godchild, a friend's child – or another child for whom you are not the legal representative? Tell parents about the benefits so they open a child portfolio.

A head start for life

At True Wealth, children and young people can learn how to manage money right from the start. They discover that investing for the long term is the best strategy. This is how financial education is created step by step.

With patience to success
Anyone who experiences long-term wealth accumulation simultaneously grows a conviction: Patience leads to the goal.

Own child login
With the login to their own portfolio, children and young people experience value fluctuations live – and learn resilience.

Financial literacy
Young people can propose their own strategy. Parents retain control: your consent is needed to implement changes to the investment mix.

Building wealth while instilling values for life: With True Wealth's child portfolio, you're not just providing for their financial future. Right from the start, your offspring will learn how to handle money responsibly, make more conscious purchasing decisions and adopt the right attitude toward personal wishes. For the best start in life.

Don't waste an opportunity

Take advantage of the long investment horizon. With an investment in shares you can expect more return: 25'000 francs more wealth after 25 years.

Return instead of mini rates
Monthly deposit of CHF 100

100% equities, 5% return
Savings account, 1.5% interest

UBS, Raiffeisen, Postfinance, ZKB and many other banks in Switzerland call it the preferential interest rates they offer on savings and gift accounts for children and young people. And the interest rates are often higher – relatively speaking. Unfortunately, this does not translate into the higher returns that can be expected from stocks. Here's why: Don't pass up this opportunity.

Investments always involve a risk of loss, especially with a short-term investment horizon.

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