How do I get a portfolio individually optimised for me?

The first step after opening an account is risk profiling, which we determine using our online questionnaire.

On this basis, we propose a customised, globally diversified portfolio for you. At True Wealth, we optimise your portfolio exactly according to your personal risk profile. More Swiss equities? Or no commodities? No problem, our digital investment solution caters to your wishes. However, we set guard rails so that your portfolio always remains diversified and fits you in terms of risk.

Market movements can cause your portfolio to deviate from the ideal investment mix. That's why we keep your portfolio on track. This means that we buy or sell the appropriate investment products for you so that your portfolio moves back towards your intended investment mix. Not too often, of course – because on the one hand every transaction costs a little return (we deduct any trading commissions from our asset management fee; a bid-ask spread is still unavoidable). But regularly, without you having to do anything about it. On the other hand, regular portfolio adjustments can generate additional returns, as price valuations often converge towards their long-term average.

Are you investing additional money? This is invested according to the defined investment mix. And in the case of withdrawals, the securities are sold on a pro rata basis.

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