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Oliver Herren

About Oliver Herren

Oliver is one of the founders of the largest online retailers in Switzerland: Digitec Galaxus AG. He founded True Wealth together with Felix in 2013.

Articles by Oliver Herren

Rebalancing: An Extra Half a Percent

Less fluctuation and higher returns – that's what diversification brings to a...


The «Sunk Cost Fallacy» is itself a fallacy

Investing time, money or resources even though it hasn't made sense for a long...


How would ChatGPT invest?

ChatGPT is changing a lot of things: the way we search and the way we get...


How can I adjust my portfolio?

Would you like to reduce your investments in Asia? Or invest more in...

«It pays to compare apples and oranges»

Wealth Management: Even Cheaper Than Trading Yourself

Are your custody account fees and transaction costs too high? If so, don't look...


Do women invest differently than men?

Do men and women behave differently when investing and does one gender have the...


Is it possible to invest rationally?

If we all conformed to the human image of “homo oeconomicus”, we would be...


Day trading: How many traders lose money?

Day trading promises big profits in the shortest possible time. But for how...

«Stock picking even by professionals is no better than a game of dice»

Invest Passively: Because Stock Picking Is a Matter of Luck

At True Wealth, we put a lot of care into building your portfolio. But we don't...

«Doing it yourself gives you a good feeling. But often a poor performance.»

The IKEA effect: pride is a bad investment advisor

How do you feel about your portfolio? Are you proud of your selection? Then...

"Don't make any predictions. Invest passively instead."

If you only bet on winners, you will lose

Are your investments not performing as well as you would have expected? Then...

«The investment advisor of the future»

Robo-advisors: The investment advisors of the future?

Nowadays, algorithms can do a lot of things that used to need flesh and blood...

«By definition, only half of the average is better. The other half is worse. Inevitably.»

Why everyone drives better. But still makes less profit.

When asked by a psychologist, all drivers drive better than the average person....