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What are True Wealth child and youth portfolios?

Child or youth portfolios are the new piggy bank for everyone from 0 to 17 years old: unbreakable, and with significantly better return opportunities. We offer a genuine child portfolio: The account is in the child's name, the funds are protected child assets, and the parents retain control until the offspring is of age. In addition, grandparents, friends and other family members can also pay into the child account. Protected (or tied) child assets mean: the portfolio is legally protected, and withdrawals are generally not allowed before the child reaches the age of majority. (Of course, you are free at any time to liquidate the portfolio and have the money transferred to another account for tied child assets at a third-party bank that is also in the child's name).

Until the child reaches the age of majority, the parents or guardians retain control, after which the account transfers to a regular adult portfolio. This is done seamlessly and without liquidation of securities, saving costs and stamp taxes.

The child portfolio is easy to use and based on True Wealth's proven wealth management technology. In addition, you can grant your child their own login so they can make their own investment suggestions. As a parent, however, you always retain full control over the investment strategy.

As a family, you also benefit from reduced wealth management fees if you reach the appropriate discount level together with your child. Find out more under "Fees."

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