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Founder and CEO of True Wealth. After graduating from the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (ETH) as a physicist, Felix first spent several years in Swiss industry and then four years with a major reinsurance company in portfolio management and risk modeling.

Articles by Felix Niederer

#24 Investing in commodities: an introduction

What are the advantages and disadvantages of investing in commodities, and how...


These fees apply when investing in Switzerland

Most investors are now aware that high fees and costs are real yield eaters....


#23 Real estate or REITs: Which is the better investment?

Buying or renting a property? A question that occupies many people. It is also...


#22 The second most important asset class: bonds

Bonds and equities are often mixed by investment professionals. What exactly...


#21 The most popular asset class: equities

Shares are one of the most popular asset classes. The total value of all listed...


#20 Investment advice and wealth management: what's the difference?

Investors today have several options when it comes to investing their money....


Talk – Capitalism and the Market Economy

What is capitalism? What is wrong with capitalism? And how can we fix it? In...


The 9 most common investment mistakes – and how to avoid them

Investing your money instead of leaving it in your bank account means you can...


#19 How to invest after retirement?

The decision between a lump-sum withdrawal and a pension after retirement is...


#18 Why regular investments pay off

Why regular investing not only makes many things easier, but also often leads...


Investing money: 66'000 francs with a single decision


Who benefits from the 13th AHV pension?

Anyone who has to live on their own in old age from the AHV is financially...


#17 What makes a good wealth manager?

What is important when choosing a wealth manager? Learn more about...


#16 FX Hedging: To hedge currency risk or not?

FX hedging, or hedging against currency risks, is a topic that is often...


ETF savings plan Switzerland: How to do it right

You shouldn't wait to build up your assets and invest the money you have...


The ETF Boom: Growth for All

From an academic mind game to the standard of the modern investor: the triumph...


#15 Why not go all in on the MSCI World?

The MSCI World ETF is one of the most popular ETFs among investors. But is it...


Staggering Investments: Forgoing Returns for a Good Night's Sleep

A conservative strategy that is repeatedly recommended is not to invest a large...


#14 Who benefits from stock picking?

In this podcast, we look at single stock picking: the art of selecting stocks...


#13 Trading or investing: What's the difference?

Trading can be tempting. The thrill of a successful trade releases dopamine....


Tax Return: Completed Faster, More Money Back

By the end of March: Extend the deadline or submit your tax return. We will...


#12 How does the Black-Litterman model work?

In today's Coffee Break, we take a deep dive into the world of modern portfolio...


Talk – Is there an investment mentality?

Find out from Oliver Herren, co-founder of Digitec Galaxus, how his investment...


Talk – What is the economic situation in Switzerland?

Professor Dr. Tobias Straumann, one of Switzerland's best-known economists and...


#11 What you need to know about benchmarks

Benchmarks are extremely useful for assessing investment instruments and...


Talk – How to teach children about the world of finance

Our guest in today's Coffee Talk is Aysha van de Paer, financial expert and...


Pillar 3a: How to save twice as much tax

With the third pillar, you save on taxes. And not just when you pay in. If you...


#10 Child portfolio: Investing for and with children

Why investing in securities is the best choice and how children's portfolios...

«Pay yourself first. That's the only way to build your wealth.»

Three times ten percent: how to save for a better future

Wealth makes dreams come true. Or just makes you feel good. But how do you...


Talk – Financial education of the Swiss (youth)

Our guest is Michael Kendzia, economist and head of the BSc International...


How do I invest money in Switzerland?

Everyone handles money differently. Some are conscientious savers, others spend...


Talk – What is money?

In today's Coffee Talk, we talk about a fascinating topic that is commonplace...


#9 Our investment approach

Discover the groundbreaking work of two outstanding academics and how they have...


What is the maximum amount for the 3rd pillar in 2024?

Employed persons with a pension fund may pay in a maximum of CHF 7'056 in 2024....


#8 No time for Pillar 3a?

In this blog post, we take a look at Pillar 3a and whether it's really worth...


#7 Does sustainable investing work?

The world of investing has changed dramatically in recent years as more and...


Greenwashing: The limits of ESG and impact investing

Impact investing promises to make our world a little bit better with...


The cost of market timing: A look at the SMI

At first glance, market timing seems like a tempting strategy. Buy when prices...


#6 Drawdown: How much loss can you afford?

Today we are talking about a topic that is of great importance to many of you:...


Talk – What does the Swiss National Bank do?

In this Coffee Talk, we talk to a very special guest, Dominik Boos, lecturer at...


#5 Is now a good time to invest?

The question you've probably asked yourself many times is, «When is the right...


Comparison of interest rates for Pillar 3a apps

The third pillar is particularly suitable for long-term capital accumulation....


#4 Why do banking crises keep happening?

Banking crises and their impact on your hard-earned money. In this podcast, we...


#3 How to build a portfolio with ETF?

Welcome back to another exciting edition of our Coffee Break. In the last...


Child portfolio with ETF: A head start for life

Wealth grows best with a long investment horizon. That's why True Wealth offers...


#2 What is an ETF? And what to look for when choosing one?

Have you heard of ETF before but not sure what ETF is exactly? Don't worry,...


Talk - Why did you start True Wealth?

From an unexpected fortune to a digital wealth manager. In today's Coffee Talk,...


#1 What is the benefit of wealth management?

At a time when investing is becoming increasingly important and accessible,...

«Low fees and more: These are what make ETFs a valuable building block»

Five Reasons why we build portfolios from ETFs

Why have we been consistently using ETFs at True Wealth for 10 years? Discover...


Several accounts, one strategy: With a clear focus to investment success.

The optimal portfolio needs investments in multiple asset classes. But only one...


Security: How We Protect Your Assets

With True Wealth, you can rely on innovative asset management by a start-up....

«Only with composure can you succeed in investing»

Investing with ETF: Stops are for traders only

ETFs are just as popular with investors as they are with traders. However, both...

Create room for growth.

Pillar 3a: If you don't switch, you're giving away a fortune

Towards more securities and lower fees: A Pillar 3a switch takes just minutes –...

«Those who invest in shares regularly lose half of their investment»

Drawdown: How Much Can You Afford To Lose?

Equities produce better returns than other assets. But corrections are part of...


Why do banking crises happen every so often?

In recent weeks, many people have been asking themselves: How safe is my money...


No detours to free asset management – it's that easy

You have paid in your annual 3a maximum contribution and want to continue...


Inflation: The Tax Nobody Wants to Pay

Inflation eats away at income and wealth, just like a tax. It's the tax we...


The lowest fees in Switzerland

Low costs, highest transparency and an extremely user-friendly product: True...


Bonds in Inflation: Safe is Suddenly No Longer Safe

Normally, bonds provide security to your portfolio. In periods of inflation,...


Inflation: Protecting Wealth With Real Assets

Commodities, stocks, real estate: Real assets tend to preserve their value...


How Do You Exchange 50 Million in an ETF?

We choose exclusively liquid ETFs with low bid-ask spreads. But how do we...


How much Russia is there in my portfolio?

How large is the share of Russian shares or bonds in my portfolio? And do I...


True Wealth Clients: 100 Million In Investment Gains


«Women need to get off the sidelines and start investing now»

We sat down for an exclusive interview with the Swiss «Finfluencer» Aysha van...

Degressive Pricing

True Wealth reduces its fees

True Wealth has crossed the threshold of 5'000 clients and CHF 290 million...

Negative Interest

Negative interest rates: These are your two options

Negative interest rates, coupled with high fees and inflation, mean savings are...

"Back the most sustainable companies in the world"

Finally investing sustainably with ETFs

Thanks to new ETFs, you can invest in a more environmentally friendly and...

«Passively invested: We are active so that you can stay relaxed»

Behind the scenes: How the robo-advisor trades for you

Passive investing – it sounds like doing nothing. But in fact, trades are...

«Diversification is the only free lunch in the markets»

Put all your eggs in one basket: Diversification

Without risks, no returns. But if you diversify, you can get the maximum return...

«How passively do you really invest?»

Money-weighted return: How to expose tactical trading

At True Wealth, we measure returns using two methods: money-weighted and...


Action Bias: Peace of Mind Pays Off

Too much trading spoils your performance. Here you will learn why you should...

«Not all ETFs are equally suitable for an investor from Switzerland»

What To Look for When Choosing an ETF

You can manage an ETF portfolio very well by yourself. However, a digital asset...


Young investors opt for ETFs

Young investors are increasingly investing in ETFs. But why exactly are they so...

“Where is the Trump shock?”

Trump and the forecasts

The world eagerly awaited the Trump shock, but it never came. The forecasters...

«With smart beta, often only the risk is smartly hidden»

Smart beta: how smart is it really?

At True Wealth, we rely on passive investing, on pure beta, for our clients'...

«It pays not to take your feelings so seriously. It is better to look the other way.»

Invest Regularly – Even After Losses

When investing, the mood swings with portfolio performance. This is very human,...

«Simply switch to a bird's eye view with True Wealth»

The Best Place To Learn About Relaxed Investing Is on the Beach

Are you going to the seaside for the summer holidays? There you can learn how...

«Vier Regeln für Anleger unter vierzig»

Four rules for investors under forty

You can learn a lot from old masters like Warren Buffett or Burton Malkiel. We...