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Talk – Capitalism and the Market Economy

What is capitalism? What is wrong with capitalism? And how can we fix it? In...


Talk – Is there an investment mentality?

Find out from Oliver Herren, co-founder of Digitec Galaxus, how his investment...


Talk – What is the economic situation in Switzerland?

Professor Dr. Tobias Straumann, one of Switzerland's best-known economists and...


Talk – How to teach children about the world of finance

Our guest in today's Coffee Talk is Aysha van de Paer, financial expert and...


Talk – Financial education of the Swiss (youth)

Our guest is Michael Kendzia, economist and head of the BSc International...


Talk – What is money?

In today's Coffee Talk, we talk about a fascinating topic that is commonplace...


Talk – What does the Swiss National Bank do?

In this Coffee Talk, we talk to a very special guest, Dominik Boos, lecturer at...


Talk - Why did you start True Wealth?

From an unexpected fortune to a digital wealth manager. In today's Coffee Talk,...