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Pillar 3a: How to save twice as much tax

With the third pillar, you save on taxes. And not just when you pay in. If you...


What is the maximum amount for the 3rd pillar in 2024?

Employed persons with a pension fund may pay in a maximum of CHF 7'056 in 2024....


#8 No time for Pillar 3a?

In this blog post, we take a look at Pillar 3a and whether it's really worth...


Comparison of interest rates for Pillar 3a apps

The third pillar is particularly suitable for long-term capital accumulation....

Create room for growth.

Pillar 3a: If you don't switch, you're giving away a fortune

Towards more securities and lower fees: A Pillar 3a switch takes just minutes –...


No detours to free asset management – it's that easy

You have paid in your annual 3a maximum contribution and want to continue...