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What is a test account?

With a test account, you can get to know our offer and test it extensively with virtual money. Without any obligation and for as long as you like.

To do this, you create a user account (login), answer the necessary questions to determine your risk profile - and you're ready to go.

You now have a test portfolio optimized for you and your risk profile. You can further customize and refine the allocation of the portfolio to different asset classes as long as you do not exceed the bandwidths of the permissible portfolio risk. Sit back and follow the development of your portfolio!

The asset allocation of your test portfolio is very similar to that of a real portfolio. If you change your investment mix and submit the change, your test portfolio will be adjusted immediately. With a real portfolio, this usually takes 1-2 trading days.

With the test account you are also registered for our newsletter, with which we regularly inform you about new products and specially researched blogs. Of course, you can customize your newsletter subscription.

Would you like to open a real account? You can convert your test account at any time without having to create a new login.

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