Pillar 3a

Everything about Pillar 3a and why we waive a management fee

About the investment process

What are the advantages of holistic asset management and why is only one investment strategy possible?Is my money safe and does the deposit guarantee also apply to my Pillar 3a assets?How exactly does True Wealth's auto top-up system work?Why are past returns not an indicator of future returns?If True Wealth already opens at least five 3a accounts and I have other 3a accounts with other providers, isn't that a problem?How often does the rebalancing of the Pillar 3a account take place?Does True Wealth also use fractional shares?Can I hold the same number of shares and the same amount of foreign currency in my Pillar 3a as in my free assets?Does True Wealth plan to also use withholding tax-exempt index funds in Pillar 3a?Why are currency-hedged ETFs or index funds used in some cases?Do currency-hedged investment instruments incur additional costs?What is pooling and netting and how does it benefit me as a client?Does True Wealth engage in securities lending in Pillar 3a?Which is better for Pillar 3a, ETFs or index funds?I want to be 100% invested in cash for the moment. How can I adjust my investment strategy?

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